Bear Hill Advisory Group™, “a beacon of light in uncertain times™”​, provides Business Rescue Services to companies who are experiencing significant operational, brand, reputation or business survival crises. Bear Hill Advisory Group has experience in resolving – what may seem like complex and daunting business problems – into practical solutions. We prepare organizations to navigate the ‘unthinkable’​ through our specialty Business Rescue services.  Our Mud-Hole Management™ Series provides educational programs in Cyber Incident Response, and IT Security Plans and Negotiation training.


InfoSec Tactical Solutions™ is team of professionals who have a passion for bringing cyber security awareness to organizations. Our team of certified professionals in Cybersecurity, Fraud & Forensic, Crisis Management and Operational experts help businesses combat disruption and loss from a cyber security incident. When it is you against the threat actors of the world, we are all about helping you:

InfoSec Tactical Solutions™

IT Stuntman is proud to join Bear Hill Advisory Group as a member of the InfoSec Tactical Solutions™ Team.

InfoSec Tactical Solutions™ offers a comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution which includes: IT Systems Security Analysis, Cyber Security Incident Response Plans, Cyber Crisis Communication Plans, Pre-written Message Maps to notify your stakeholders in the case of a Cybersecurity Incident.

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Supporting small and middle market companies, governmental agencies, and non-profits, IT Stuntman’s dedicated team of consultants, engineers and technicians work with your staff to improve user efficiency and reduce IT related stress. With a staff capable of providing 24/7/365 support, IT Stuntman is the integrator that companies and organizations can come to take the “Risk out of IT™”.

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