IT Stuntman’s talented staff evaluates a client’s needs and existing business processes and then crafts a need-driven solution that is unique. As an integrated solution provider, IT Stuntman can serve in a consulting, or CIO-for-hire, capacity while managing other vendors implementing the architected solution. In many middle-market companies, staff exists to implement IT process changes but expertise in architecture and management is lacking. IT Stuntman augments the needs of these companies by bringing staff with core competencies to meet the needs of the client by filling the knowledge gap.

IT Stuntman specializes in providing Microsoft solutions to medium and small businesses. Our engineers excel in the deployment of total network solutions for businesses with numerous workstations or locations. From email, file management, security, router configuration and proxy administration, we will be there, to work with your company and continually create solutions that meet your business objectives. By leveraging technology, and providing a competitive advantage IT Stuntman enables you to gain maximum return on your IT investment.

InfoSec Tactical Solutions™

IT Stuntman is proud to join Bear Hill Advisory Group as a member of the InfoSec Tactical Solutions™ Team.

InfoSec Tactical Solutions™ offers a comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution which includes: IT Systems Security Analysis, Cyber Security Incident Response Plans, Cyber Crisis Communication Plans, Pre-written Message Maps to notify your stakeholders in the case of a Cybersecurity Incident.

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Supporting small and middle market companies, governmental agencies, and non-profits, IT Stuntman’s dedicated team of consultants, engineers and technicians work with your staff to improve user efficiency and reduce IT related stress. With a staff capable of providing 24/7/365 support, IT Stuntman is the integrator that companies and organizations can come to take the “Risk out of IT™”.

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