IT Stuntman is proud to partner with Microsoft to provide enterprise grade email solutions to small and mid-market clients. Exchange Online (or Office 365) offers business class email without the need for costly on premise hardware and software licenses. Email can be integrated back into a client’s Windows Active Directory allowing for seamless connectivity. Archival services for litigation or regulatory compliance are made simple with Microsoft’s cloud-based Exchange solutions.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables IT Stuntman to host any network-enabled application for you. The need for SaaS providers has evolved by the increasing costs of specialized line-of-business software that has far exceeded the price range of small to medium-sized businesses.  The growing complexities of software have led to huge costs in distributing software to end-users.  Through IT Stuntman’s SaaS program, the complexities and costs of such software can be reduced.  In addition, the issues of upgrading software are eliminated for you, because IT Stuntman maintains 24/7 technical support, physical and electronic security and support to help you maintain business continuity.

There have been dynamic improvements in technology, coupled with customers’ higher expectations of their sites’ and social media’s performance.  We enable customers to quickly take advantage of all the advances in technology as they become available to continually improve their online footprint.  With almost continuing changes and turbulence during the Cloud’s growth, one thing remains constant…we realize that every client’s needs and budget call for unique solutions and creativity.  That’s why we utilize the most appropriate solutions to meet the growing business needs in this online economy.

InfoSec Tactical Solutions™

IT Stuntman is proud to join Bear Hill Advisory Group as a member of the InfoSec Tactical Solutions™ Team.

InfoSec Tactical Solutions™ offers a comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution which includes: IT Systems Security Analysis, Cyber Security Incident Response Plans, Cyber Crisis Communication Plans, Pre-written Message Maps to notify your stakeholders in the case of a Cybersecurity Incident.

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Supporting small and middle market companies, governmental agencies, and non-profits, IT Stuntman’s dedicated team of consultants, engineers and technicians work with your staff to improve user efficiency and reduce IT related stress. With a staff capable of providing 24/7/365 support, IT Stuntman is the integrator that companies and organizations can come to take the “Risk out of IT™”.

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